July 9, 2018



Prevent yourself from respiratory problems like asthma, blocked or stuffy nose, cold and flu, runny nose, snoring, air pollution, sinus infection and pollen allergies with ClearNasal™ Rinse & Clear – the best nasal irrigation devive kit. ClearNasal™ is a nasal wash that provides quick relief from blocked nose which can be caused by smoke, dust, allergens, pollution or pollen present in the air. ClearNasal™ sinus rinse kit is a safe and easy home remedy for common cold, blocked nose, sinus infection and air pollution, that helps remove impurities from your nasal canal and helps you to breathe better. ClearNasal™ saline nasal irrigation device is a revolutionary way of using the traditional Neti pot, as it comes with a custom-made cap and a squeeze bottle with nasal wash sachets that makes it easy to use, even by children.

Learn more about natural remedies for allergies and sinus infection, how to stop snoring and snoring remedies, ways to get rid of pollen allergy and more about the best home remedies for cold and cough by visiting our Blog section.

Click on the products below for product details and purchase. ClearNasal™ saline wash kit is available in three packs – Daily Usage, Refills and Starter Kit, available on AMAZON

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