December 10, 2015


Nasal Irrigation or Nasal Rinsing is a holistic process of flushing out excess mucus, dust, pollen, allergens and impurities from nasal cavity with a liquid solution. Nasal Irrigation promotes better nasal health and provides for easy breathing. ClearNasal™ is a nasal irrigation device that is proven to gently and effectively cleanse nasal and sinus passages, making it a preferred home remedy for cold, blocked nose, sinus infection, air pollution, asthma, etc. Now with ClearNasal™, you can breathe better and live healthier.
Check if the custom cap on the ClearNasal™ nasal irrigation bottle is tightened securely. Make sure you bend forward and tilt your head down. While rinsing your nasal passages, place the ClearNasal™ custom bottle cap snuggly fitted to your nose. Open your mouth, say “Ooohhhmmm” and gently squeeze the bottle. The solution of ClearNasal™ should now flow through the first nostril and out the other and will give you a quick relief from common cold, flu and blocked nose. Remember, you need to keep your mouth open.
ClearNasalcontains no propellants, and it allows you to control the force and the amount of the rinse based on the pressure with which you depress the nasal irrigation squeeze bottle. While the force varies between the varieties of hand pressure, each is gentle enough to comfortably cleanse pollen, pollutants, allergens, excess mucus and bacteria from your delicate nasal passages. ClearNasal™ is a nasal irrigation kit that comes in a compact size with a unique bottle cap, making it simple to use.
The ClearNasal-is an innovative sinus and nasal irrigation device that uses a specially formulated mixture of salt and sodium bicarbonate to deliver a gentle positive pressure flow to wash away the excess mucus, pollen, pollutants and bacteria from the upper respiratory nasal passages. ClearNasal™ sinus rinse helps get faster and long lasting relief from common cold, snoring and sinus. ClearNasal™ saline nasal irrigation wash device kit is safe, natural and appropriate for adults and children over 4 years of age, including pregnant and nursing mothers and people taking other medications.
Isotonic means that the salt concentration of ClearNasal™ in minerals and trace elements is equal to the salt concentration found in the body. This limits stinging and allows the solution to be as comfortable as possible.
Saline nasal sprays send a mist of solution into the nasal cavity, where it stays until it slowly drips out of the nose or down your throat. ClearNasal™, however, is a nasal saline solution that flows through the nasal passages to gently wash pollen, irritants, impurities, and excess mucus out of your nose. Also, saline nasal sprays may contain preservatives and other chemicals, whereas ClearNasal™ is made from 100% natural and organic powder of salt and sodium bicarbonate.
Only ClearNasal™ nasal rinse uses a unique bottle cap which acts as a combination device that allows the flow of ClearNasal’s™ specially formulated solution to flow and rinse the frontal lobes and sinuses using a gentle positive pressure. Unlike the traditional Neti Pots, ClearNasal’s™ is the new improved way to fight air pollution and get an lasting relief from blocked nose, common cold, pollen, asthma, breathing problems and sinus infection in a safe and natural way without taking any over the counter medication.
ClearNasal™ is a nasal irrigation device which is made from a specially formulated powder of salt and sodium bicarbonate, when mixed with water creates a solution that is PH balanced and matches your body’s natural chemistry making it easier to rinse your nasal passages. It is 100% safe and natural. ClearNasal™ is the best home remedy for common cold and gives a lasting relief from stuffy nose.
ClearNasal™ is a nasal saline irrigation device that can be used up to three times daily or as often as required to obtain the desired results. ClearNasal™ is safe, natural and is the best medicine for sinus congestion.
Use ClearNasal™ saline nasal and sinus irritagation wash device kit to rinse any time you want to cleanse your nasal and sinus passages of excess mucus, pollens, allergens and irritants to breathe freely. Consider using it after exposure to dust, mold, allergens, smoke, air pollution, other irritants and pollutants and to avoid snoring.
A ClearNasal™ bottle with one packet of ClearNasal™ powder makes 8oz or 240ml of nasal saline solution, enough to rinse both nasal passages that helps get rid of pollen, dust, cold, allergies, air pollution, sinusitis and snoring. Each bottle can be used up to 3 months or 30 rinses.
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